Try to Catch the Movements of Your Little one


During the time of pregnancy, you are going to face so many things. Of course, apart from pain and discomfort, you will also witness instances where you can feel the existence of your little one.

The experience of baby movement in the womb is very unique and overwhelming. If you want to peep into how and when your baby is going to make a move, just walk through the following points.

  • First of all, at the time of seven weeks to around eight weeks, your little one begins moving. For example, he will bend sideways and make small sudden movements.
  • At around the time of nine weeks, he is going to take hiccups and move his small new legs and arms. By this time, your little one has also started sucking and swallowing.
  • Once its ten weeks, he can move head, take his hands up to trace his face, open jaw and stretch.
  • Then around twelve weeks, he can begin to yawn too.
  • Next around fourteen weeks, he may move his eyes.
  • Finally, around fifteen weeks he can suck his thumb.
  • Slowly the movements of your baby are going to become firm and you can feel them.At the initial stage, the movements are going to be gentle and may feel like bubbles emerging or an undulating sensation. At times, it might also feel like gas.
  • Always remember that if your little one is moving, he is going to be a healthy baby. Fetal movements in womb play a significant role in the growth of bones and muscles.

Are You Worried About Kicks?

Well, once the process of baby kicking begins, you might get nervous. Don’t worry its common. In fact, there are various ways to count the kicks of your little one; yourdoctor shall tell you how to perform it.

  • An interesting thing is that every baby has his time of being most active. You have to identify it.For example, some babies might be active after you have eaten food, drank juice/drink that possessed sugar, after being extremely active or just during different times of day.When you have find out when your little one is most active, just begin to count the kicks!
  • In most of the pregnancies, babies are going to be most active during the time of 9pm to 1am.It is because this is the time when mothers are quite relaxed and can notice the movements of their babies.
  • You have to be comfortable. Find a posture or position which is comfortable for you. In such a position, you can stay still and feel the movements of your little one pretty well.
  • The perfect posture is to lie down on your side, along with your head sustained up restfully with a pillow. It may help you feel the kicks more strongly.

Thus, there are different things you can perform to get use to the movements and kicks of your baby. So, begin to explore the right posture for you and stay comfortable.

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