The necessity and procedure of KUB CT


When a computerised topography or a CT is done on the uterus, kidneys and bladder then it is known as CT KUB scan. The main purpose of doing this scan is in order to get some images from different angles of the urinary system and the surrounding structures present in the human body. This test also shows images of the area which are the superior poles of the kidneys and then down till the pubic symphysis.

Now the question is why do doctors order or prescribe a patient to go for a CT KUB scan? Well, in most cases they want to know more about an abdominal pain that a patient is suffering from and the source of the pain has not been diagnosed yet. In most cases people who are suffering from kidney stones or gall stones can undergo this particular test. When one goes for a KUB test, it becomes easier for the doctors to final down their diagnosis procedure. In fact, this test is also needed to be performed in case someone has swallowed any foreign object and this test will help the doctor to locate where the object has landed in the stomach. The cost of KUB CT scan in Bangalore depends on the procedure and how the scan is done on the patient.

The major things that can be identified in a patient by doing a KUB CT scan are mostly their gastro intestinal issues. They are:

  • If there is a presence of any foreign object in the stomach.
  • If there is any kind if intestinal blockage there.
  • Presence of certain tumours.
  • If there is any gall bladder stones or any kidney stones.
  • To find out something like a ureteral stent or a feeding tube is placed correctly by the doctor.

What are the risks that one can face in a KUB study?

When a KUB CT scan is done, then the patient is exposed to some low level of radiation. There is always a risk due to this radiation exposure but the radiation that is used is considered to be very minimal as compared to other tests or other radiation processes.

If one is pregnant or if they are suffering from any kind of medical conditions then they need to inform the doctor before going for the test. Then the patient might need to take some special precautions before the test is done. Sometimes after knowing the patient’s condition, the test may not be performed on them as well.

If one is taking bismuth, then the doctor may prescribe them to stop taking that for a few days before the test. This bismuth is mainly used to treat heart burn and diarrhoea conditions and they can always create an interference in the imaging or the X ray process of the abdomen.

A patient has to lie still for quite a long time when the test is already in process. This can cause a little bit of discomfort in the patient’s body.

The process of KUB study

The test is mainly done in a radiology centre or a department. A proper X ray technician needs to perform it. This process can also be done in an outpatient basis or the doctor can also prescribe it when a patient is already admitted to the hospital. The preparation for this study is not much. Once the patient reaches the hospital they need to remove their clothes and then change to a loose hospital robe or the gown and they also need to remove all the jewellery and anything metal present on their body. Then the test procedure will start. Firstly, the technician asks the patient to lie in a certain position by which the doctors can see the certain organs that they need to examine in the test. A lead apron can be placed on the parts of the human body which are not needed to be scanned. This apron will help these body parts to stay protected from the radiation effect which is used during the test. When the patient is placed at the right position, then they need to remain still in that position so that the scan machine can take the images properly. If the doctor needs some other views of the same organ then they might need the patient to change their positions.

The scan results are available after a couple of hours the test is done. In most cases it takes 48 hours to get the results. The result of a KUB scan may show some injuries in the intestines and the stomach. It can also show some blockage in the intestine, presence of fluid in the abdominal cavity and presence of kidney and gall stones. When the result comes out the doctor will go through the result and then they might go for some additional testing which might be necessary in order to have a complete diagnosis.

It is also said if one is suffering from acute abdominal pain, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting then also a doctor can prescribe a KUB CT scan because these things can be clear indications to bigger problems in the abdominal area. Once the result is arrived the doctor can be sure about the problem the patient is suffering from and then decide on the course of their medical procedures that are needed to be taken. In fact, by doing this test the doctor can also decide if the patient needs further medication or if they will need a surgery (this happens mostly if there is a foreign object or if there is a kidney stone or a gall bladder stone) and according to that they refer the patient to an experienced surgeon.

There are many hospitals where a KUB CT scan is performed and one can ask the cost of ct kub scan Bangalore from the information desk of the hospital. They can also take prior appointments from the hospital for the test and take a date which will be preferable for them to undergo it.

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