How to be sure of pregnancy?


If there are some common symptoms that one feels then they might think that they are pregnant. But in order to be sure one always needs to take a pregnancy test. They can either go for home pregnancy tests or go to a doctor to confirm it.

There are many pregnancy tools that one can use in order to be sure. One should go for the test only after they miss their periods. In fact, it is said that one should wait at least a week after the missed date to take the test in order to get accurate results.

Home pregnancy test kits

There is a home pregnancy test which can be used on the first day of the missed period. This test mainly works on by detecting a hormone called HCG present in the urine of the woman’s body. This hormone is only found in the body when one is pregnant. There is a chemical present in the stick which can change colour when it comes in contact with that particular hormone. The waiting time of this test depends but one should wait at least 10 minutes after taking the test to see the results.

There are many people who think that taking this home pregnancy test should be done twice because the result can vary if one takes the test too early after missing the first period date. This happens because then the HCG level in the body is too low to catch in any test applicator. So often the results are negative.

Pregnancy test results also depend on how accurately the test is done. One can also get false negative results where one is already pregnant but the results are still negative. If this happens, one can take the test again or check it with the doctor.

Clinical urine test

This test can be done in a doctor’s office. They are mostly more accurate that a home pregnancy test. The doctors can help one to eliminate the possible errors which can actually affect the accuracy of the test. One can go for this test after a week of missing their periods date.

Blood test

They are also done at a doctor’s chamber. Here, a proper laboratory test is done so that one can detect the presence of HCG in a body. There are mainly 2 types of pregnancy blood tests. One is the qualitative test where it is seen whether HCG is being produced in a body. Then there is a quantitative test which tries to find out at what level is the amount of HCG present in the body. if the HCG level is higher then the doctors go for further tests related to pregnancy. The later test is more accurate than the former and so one needs to go for that to be surer about their pregnancy.

One can buy a pregnancy test tool kit from any drug store and go for the test. They need to read the instructions mentioned at the back and then follow the steps.

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