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The Controversial Reasons Why Most New Mothers Will Never Get Their Eating Habits Back To Normal Again And Lose That Baby Belly


Let's face it, losing that stomach fat and getting your eating habits back to normal again after your pregnancy are tough. Chances are you've been trying to eat normally and shed that belly fat for a while now and Don't worry.

The good news is it's not your fault. Here's why...Many new mothers will never get the results they so desire because:

  •  Most information out there is not specifically designed for new mothers who have just had a baby and not geared for post-natal women and sympathetic to their concerns
  • You are struggling to find the time to do anything! Never mind the time to follow any of these cheesy 'Military Bootcamp' DVDs of some super fit personal trainer
  • You are just too sore to exercise, your stomach still may be numb and you are finding it tough to build any stamina
  • You want to eat normally again and that means eating real food not whey protein food replacements or any silly potions or herbal remedies
  • Idiots out there are advising you to diet whilst breast feeding which will put you and your baby's health in danger!
  • You have noticed that some of the reviews for weight loss products online are fakes put there by the advertisers!!

hhHow do I know this? I have been involved in the Health & Fitness Industry, in various ways, for 22 years now and have made it my business to help mothers, like yourself, stop making the same mistakes many mums do by listening to experts who create generic weight loss plans that are just not suitable for new mothers in your situation. Believe me, I have seen it all...the misdirection, misinformation and the out-and-out lies.

Which means you are left with the same problem again and again making you self-conscious, getting you down day-after-day and slowly destroying your confidence. Lets face it many mothers still have this problem years after giving birth.


Don't worry though. It's not all doom and gloom. There is some good news....

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